Ever Wondered What This Small Slot In Laptops Is For, That We’ve Never Used?

No matter how much we think that we are an expert in using and understanding our laptops. Have you ever wondered what is that mini-slot besides USB port? This small spot might be located on right or left side of  USB port. You must be wondering that this hole is to insert the air or expel the heal, but you are wrong. Well, you'll have to read the whole post to discover the reason behind that small spot in a laptop. Scroll down to see! Let's discover out and also see the full descriptive video in the end.

We are Talking About This Small Port...

Can You Guess?

Do you know that this information is very important as if you are using your laptop in public areas you need to know about this? Any guesses?

Well Let Us Explain What the Slot is For?

Did you know that this small spot helps us to save the laptop from any kind of theft? Yes, you can save not only your hardware but software too. Kensington was the one who invented this for the first time.


It is an anti-theft system which was designed by Kryptonite and patent by same. But it was promoted by Kensington Computer Products Group. Through a lock, you can save your laptop from theft.

The Lock is Having A Long Cable

The lock is having a long cable, which you can connect to laptop and another end with an immovable object. It will help you to prevent your laptop from theft.

You Will Find A T -Shaped Knob in the Lock.

The knob will turn in90degree angle to lock, after this motion the laptop will be locked and safe.

The Small Slot is Actually a Powerful One.

It links the inner metal with a laptop and it secures it in a way that it is impossible to move the laptop from its place. I hope now you will lock your laptop while using your laptop in public.

You Must See This Tutorial to Learn How to Use Kensington Laptop Lock