10 Things That Won’t Be Trending in 2017! So Get Ready To Try New Things!

The new year is nearly coming, are you ready for it?Have you planned how to celebrate it? I think if you are planning, then before choosing your look, you must gaze your eyes on this post as it is helpful for people who loves to stay trendy and fashionable.  When it comes to fashion there are some who love to follow trends and some who loves to make the trend. You have to decide, whether you are a follower or trend maker! But if you love to set trend or even if you are a follower, then you must be aware of the things which are not trending in the year 2017.  Here I have gathered some of the most trendiest products of 2016 which won't be trending in 2017. So, get ready to be trendy in 2017 too, scroll down to see the list!

Say Good Bye to Your Favorite Chokers as It is Time to Wear Some Stylish Necklaces

So now it is the right time to play mix and match with your metal neck pieces. You may combine your two different size neck pieces to create a fashion look.

In Spite Of Wearing Jewelry With Spikes, Combining Pieces Of Jewelry

You can leave all your spike jewelry and must combine your other jewelry to that have different in texture and color.

Natural Hue Of Skin is Better than Contouring

Now you don't need to be fake and great idea is to flaunt your own skin. In spite of buying various highlighter you may keep natural powder in your purse.

Forget Tight Curls and Try Loose Waves

You love to look wild in tight curls, babes now forget that common hairstyle and try loose waves as they look natural too.

I Know You Love Denim, But Velvet is Will Also Make You Look Cool

You have no idea that your favorite denim will be replaced by denim. You may include your velvet with satin, leather, tweed, and suede.

Now Flaunt Your Legs With Tutu Dress Instead of Classic skirts

Pleated and pencil skirts in trend again as no matter what it looks amazing on everyone.

Forget All Bandage Dresses and Try Lingerie-style dresses

Bandage dresses have become outdated and now they are replaced by lingerie dresses.

Try Fitted Coats Instead of Over Size Coats

Fitted coats look smart and give you professional look rather oversize coat looks bit casual.

Mix and Match Coat and Bag in 2017

Matching heels color with the bag is the old fashion now, the new trend is to match bag color with coat's color. But, bang all do not throw your old stuff as we all don't know when the fashion will come back.