7 Thoughts A Guy Has When He Sees His Girlfriend Without Clothes!

You've been seeing each other for a few weeks. But have you ever thought what does he think when he saw you first time without clothes?  So ladies, let us be very clear about it - each and every guy loves girls without clothes. Particularly he likes his own girlfriend's uncovered body! It is undoubtedly one of boys most favorite things in the world… Most probably in the top 3! So here I am presenting some honest thoughts that guys have when they see their partner or even any girl without clothes! So are you ready to face reality? Scroll down to see what boys says about you?

“Oh. Wow.” I Love That Moment When I See You Without Clothes

I find you very hot and I still can’t get over just how amazing you look.

I Must Say She Has Got Beautiful Set of Bosoms

Ya! Well, I tried but I can't ignore beautiful bosoms and would love to think about that.

“What was I supposed to be doing?”

We always wanted to see girls like this, but for a moment we forget everything and can’t seem to remember what we are supposed to be doing next.

When Will I Touch Her?

Once we realize we are seeing what we wanted to see for long, next thing we think is shall I touch her now?

“I feel like a kid again!”

I have mostly seen girls without clothes over the internet but when I see you the first time I feel like I am seeing a woman in all her glory.

In Between Okay, I need to look somewhere else, she'll think I'm being creepy now.

I Just Can't Believe That I am seeing What I wanted to See! I love to keep saying Wowwwwwwwwww