11 Ordinary Things That Seem Way Different When You Look Closer

Yes with the help of smartphone and latest camera features you are able to zoom-in every picture,  but what would have happened if your eyes are able to zoom in things?  You have no idea that things from close may look weird or even creepy? Yes, I am right, you won't be able to guess about the object. Do you want to give it a try?Then here we are presenting a list of 11 pictures close-up images of some of these objects. Let's see you can identify them or not. Scroll down to take a close up quiz!

They are Pages of a book.

OMG! I was able to guess it!

Can You Guess It? I Know You Can't, It is A human tongue

A Velcro

What do you think about this?

It is a A guitar string.

I think all musicians should see this!

It is Fine salt.

I can't believe my eyes. Am I the one who eat this on regular basis?

It is A banana

Yuck, it also looks weird!

Do You know it is Wood

It is shocking for me to know that it is wood.

Beautiful!!! A butterfly wing.

This is as beautiful and colorful as the butterfly.

It is Not Organ, They Are Blood cells

Yes, all blood cells have different shapes but this one seems weird one.

A match-stick.

Creepy! I didn't know that it is a match stick.

Fat cells.

Yuck! I was not aware that adipose tissue looked like this.