She’s Been Arrested 23 Times In The Past Decade, Her Transformation Is Even More Shocking!

We often see celebrities and stars like Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashian with new makeovers. And their new avatars turn out to be impressive and amazing. However a woman who has been jailed 23 times in last one decade, has undergone a tremendous change in her appearance. Her transformation is not something that will inspire you rather it would shock you.

The radical physical change in her appearance is probably due to substance abuse and the hard living that has brought her to this level. Scroll over as we bring you her mugshots, which are nothing but worrisome 

A Busy Decade

Meet Sarah Wulchak who has had a very busy decade, but on a wrong side. She has been arrested 23 times in past 10 years.

The Arrests

Sarah was arrested in Volusia County, Florida, under the charges of drug possessions and other minor charges such as theft.

Another Look

By 2004, Sarah was donning a tough Librarian look. From grand theft auto to trespass, to aggravated battery, Sarah had crossed all the limits in the crimes.


Sarah was arrested more than five times in 2010 and at an age of 29 she looked quiet old. She was almost unrecognizable in comparison to her pictures taken in previous years.

Bit Off Ear

Apart from minor misdemeanours, Sarah made to headlines once again in 2013, when she bit off her boyfriend’s ear. While she has undergone different stages of her transformations, there more to come as there seems to be no end to the charges against her.