If You've Ever Been Pregnant, You Know This is True

Every mum-to-be will recognize sooner or later that pregnancy can take its toll on them with every passing minute. It’s your growing bump that will make things quite challenging for you to get comfy or sleep well. And your mood swings may be all over the place.

People Perspective

No one can help you in this condition; however, they don’t even mind sharing their so-called personal opinion about YOUR condition. Exasperated? Just bear this in mind, not a single person knows better than YOU mommy! Ignore such unwanted opinion givers is the key mantra for you!

Getting Plump?

Moms don’t get plump or obese, it’s just they have to eat to nourish two lives!

New Father-to be

Your relationship will be tested to a great extent, but gratefully men are much better for it. . . They get baby responsibility after the arrival of the baby.

What about breakfast?

PHEW. . . Need to deal with appetite loss and morning sickness. Never mind about breakfast!

Hormones rules the emotions

Moms- to be become too emotional and sensitive, and what makes it the MOST exasperating is they can't explicate how exactly they feel to the dads.

Baby's A Sportsperson?

Daydreamed your baby would be a successful cricketer or football player, the list is endless? However, how does this physician know your baby already? Concerned he will be doing the delivery?

Snooping Inside 'There'

Have you ever wondered why sonograms are so intrusive? Seems like you’re not the only one.