How to Apply Highlighter?

A highlighter can enhance your look and give your skin a beautiful color boost. Apart from making it beautiful, if applied nicely it can enhance your bone structure too.  It only takes few seconds to apply highlighter as you need to apply it to a few small areas of your face, but to apply it you must know those small areas. Although, you just need to do few dabs of highlighter and it can brighten up your whole face. Even if you feel the hassle to apply makeup, learning to apply highlighter is simple. So, scroll down to learn how 

First of All Clean Your Whole Face With Water

After Cleaning Face Apply Foundation and Concealer.

Applying foundation and concealer will make sure to have plane base for your skin. If you have any imperfections in your skin, concealer can help to hide those minor imperfections and also brighten your skin. Take the time to apply your usual foundation before you start applying your highlighter.

Make Your Cheeks Glow With Highlighter

With a blush brush apply a bit of highlighter to the area just above your cheekbones. To give a subtle look apply highlighter only once and to give intense look you can give multiple layers.

Now its time To Apply Highlighter On The Tip of Nose

With a small brush, take a bit of highlighter and then dab it onto the tip of your nose. With the help of your finger blend the highlighter. Keep in mind that you do not need over highlight, just a small dab and you are done.

Apply Highlighter Above Your Eye brows

Apply it in The Centre of Upper Lip

If you wish to get the attention on your lips, then highlight this area. The area in the center of your upper lip is called your cupid’s bow. Take a less amount of highlighter on your fingertip and press it onto this area.