8 Wardrobe Epic Fails That A Bride Should Likely Be Prepared For

It’s your wedding and of course you want to look your best one the most special day of your life. You plan ahead of time to take good care of your skin, hair and makeup. You also choose best of the wedding outfit and footwear for yourself. But hey wait, did you make sure that your wedding attire will not fail you on your wedding day.

Yes you read it right, wardrobe malfunction can happen at the last minute on your wedding trousseaus. Well, for sure no one wants a last minute crash but then these situations can arise without any warnings. We have gathered a few possibilities of wardrobe fails and their quick solutions for you to avoid those panic moments. Scroll over to know how you can fix these in a jiffy and walk as the beautiful and confident bride : 

Zippers Can Fall Apart

Yeah those zipper fasteners are great to give you a perfect fitting, but they can run apart at last minute. So make sure you have a friend to help you in zipping up and it would help to have someone who is an expert in stitching it up, just in case it throws tantrums at you.

Drapes Need More Practice

For those of you who love to have elaborate drapes on wedding outfit, you need to practice them several times to see which style looks best on you. You don’t need the last minute rushes to decide that, choose a style which makes you look stunning and that you carry it off well.

Cocktail Silhouettes Are Cheaters

These lovely cocktail gowns will give you a perfect look, but yes there are known to be cheaters too. Be prepared as they may fail you at seams or zippers. Carry an appropriate scarf and stitch kit to fix these tickles.

Heavy Lehangas Are Not Easy To Carry

Yes you have waited from a long time to get into that lovely lehanga and you are sure to look amazing in it. But these lehangas may be too heavy to wear, maybe more than half of your weight too. Just make sure that either you wear a one with a light embroidery work or you know it well to how carry off a heavy one for hours to come.

Roseates Can Spoil The Special Moment

The tailor made roseates look absolutely fabulous in pictures, but they can play culprits in those special moments of the brides. They simply do nothing but come in between that hug from a friend or that kiss from your newly wedded hubby. Avoid this by not adding too many of them on your outfit.

Be Careful Of Wine Spills

You need to be careful of whatever you eat or drink even it’s just a wine or strawberries, the juices can flow off and can ruin your dress. Just be cautious and don’t get overwhelmed while eating or drinking anything.

Sarees Need To Be Pinned Well

When it comes to sarees, they are the best pick for your special day. Just let the bridesmaid do the honours of pinning it up well to avoid any slip offs while you shaking your leg offs at the dance floor.

Your Stilettos Should Be Worthy Of Your Trust

You must take care that your heels won’t let you trip off. Practice to walk in those new pair of high heels and make sure they don’t hurt you.