Mom Hears Noises in the Ceiling, Finds a Man She Split with 12 Years Ago Living in Her Attic

When you hear any kind of noise coming from any part or corner of your home, your first instinct is that it might be some animal like a cat or street dog who has made its way to your home. And if you go around checking and you don’t see anything but yet hear sounds you fear that there is some ghost or supernatural thing in your house.

But what happened with a woman from Charlotte was really shocking. She was hearing noises from the ceiling and what she found was neither a ghost nor an animal. Scroll on to find who was making those noises in attic of her house :

Tracy Is A Single Mother

Tracy who hasn’t revealed her full name to maintain privacy is staying in Charlotte, North Carolina with her 5 children. She is a single mother.

She Heard Mysterious Noises

One night while she put the kids to sleep she heard strange noise coming from her ceiling. At first she didn’t think anything about it. But then she realised that the noise was moving from one room to another and then even in her bedroom.

She Thought It Might Be Wild Animal

She thought these noises must be of some wild animals like a racoon which is quite common in that region. She sent her son and nephew to find out about these noises.

Mom Was Shocked To Find The Truth

When they went up in the attic, they were terrified to see that there was a guy who was camping out there. Mother was shocked to find that man was none other her ex-boyfriend with whom she had split 12 years ago.

The Guy Had Recently Come Out Of Jail

Tracy said her ex-boyfriend used to write letters from prison and tell her that he has changed. But he hadn’t really changed. They found that she he had made a hole in ceiling and he used to spy on her from there

The Creepy Guy Fled Away

Before police could arrive, the creepy guy ran off from Tracy’s house. The police is now on the search for this guy.