17 Of The Prettiest Hair Trends We Saw This Year

When it comes to cool hairstyles, there were many hair trends in the past couple of years. From rainbow pastel to pixelated hair to galaxy hair, and even ‘merman’ hair – we all have tried all. They all look amazing and cool, but many people feel shy to carry these bold hairstyles or simply have a more conservative job. If you’re one of those people, I can bet that you’ll love this hidden rainbow hair that may become the next big hair trend! And why not to play with colors? So are you ready to try this amazing “Hidden Rainbow” hairstyle? Try this and set the trend by yourself as they look amazingly beautiful. Scroll down to have a look! 

Forget all Those Honey Brown Hairs! What do You Want to Say About These Grey hue Hairs?

Here You Have The Freedom To Blend Your Two Favorite Colors

If You Are Not Confident To Dry Bold Rainbow Color, You Can Go With This Too

Wanna Hit Party? Try This!

One Again From Two Shades Look!

When it Comes to Mixing Two Shades, You Can Also Mix In This Way!

It is Looking Really Cool! Must Try!

In Love With Nude Colors? Create a Nude Hair Look Too!

Play With Different Hues and Look Cool!

Do You Love Rainbow? Why Not To Have Your Own Rainbow?

Greyish Blue Can Also Look Great With Formals!

Boys Why to Stay Behind?

Isn't it Looking Cool?

Love Sparkles? Why Not To Try On Hairs?

Forget About Messy Buns, This is the New Trend!

Nude Color is in the Trend, So Why Not To Try On Hairs?

Do You Love Colorful Things? So Why Not to Set Colorful Trend?

See How to do Hidden Rainbow Coloring