Doctors Noticed A Weird Bruise On Her Belly, When They Checked The Ultrasound… OMG.

It is always exciting to plan for a baby and starting your family. When a woman is pregnant, she might be having the toughest of times, but she is able to deal with all the things with ease because of motherly love for the one who isn’t even born yet. But, at times some deep problems occur during pregnancy even if the mother tried her best to keep the baby healthy. This couple in the story got pregnant with five and it is a bit tough to get all the babies out healthy and safely. But fortunately, all ended on a positive note. Keep reading to know what happened:

All pregnant women have to face certain complications, but when its five babies its even riskier.

Her name is Guillermina and she is quite brave.

When the news came out that she is pregnant, they were excited but then when they got to know the babies were five, they realized it won’t be so easy as her belly is going to get bruised.

In the womb, there were five little babies growing and thriving.

Things are quick when someone is pregnant with five babies and therefore at only 31 weeks, she was ready to deliver her five children.

She got lots of help.

She had a massive team of eight doctors by her side the whole time at Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City. One was an anesthesiologist and the rest were nurses who were helping with the delivery and being there for her whenever she needed.

IT is not the same with five babies.

Only lie back and push is not enough to get five babies out and special techniques are involved and this mom powered through.

The doctors were monitoring the baby carefully as nothing could have been left to fate.

The couple had used fertility drugs to get pregnant and multiple babies happen because of the same. Still they had not expected five babies!

Doctors were surprised by the quintuplets but they managed everything being calm.

"It was not really chaotic. It was really controlled and it was impressive to see how everyone pulled together," said one doctor. The babies started coming out and it was two boys and three girls. All of them were adorable.

They had to name the babies alphabetically at first, ABCDE, till the names were decided for them.

And then Esmeralda, Fatima, Marissa, Fernando and Jordan were welcomed to the world.Each baby weighed two to three pounds and they were so charming that everyone in the hospital admired the little ones. Women with multiple babies have risks but this couple is luckiest and feels blessed to have five babies. Doctors also expect that the babies will grow normally without any complications.