Police Arrested This Contestant From The Big Boss House

Contestants of Big Boss House have always been known to be surrounded with scandals. But these scandals are mostly during their stay at Big Boss House. However in the season 10 which is currently on air has a contestant who seems to have had some scandals around him much before even he entered the Bog Boss house. He was arrested by the house as the police came to the house to take him and this stunned all the inmates of the house. Scroll down to know why Swami Om was arrested :

Swami Om is a self proclaimed Swami with probably no followers. He has been the most scandalous inmate of Big Boss house season 10.

He was being removed from Big Boss as he had court hearing for the court cases that are filed against him for theft cases. The news has been shocking for housemates of Big Boss.

He left the house with a reasoning given that was an emergency exit. He is expected to back once hearing is over at court.