80 Year-Old Body Builder Proves You’re NEVER Too Old To Start Weight Training.

If you are planning to get fit but unable to make routine, then this story might motivate you. Ernestine Shepherd is 80-year-old but she gets up before the sun and spends her most of her time on her fitness. Her aim is to do best at each and every task she does.She's a woman who knows exactly what she needs and will stop at nothing to try and get it, and she's succeeded beyond her wildest potential.

 These days’ people are so lazy and it's pretty motivating to see someone who is more dedicated to fitness and health than many who are very younger than her. She believes her unbelievable physique can be accredited to her work. Want to learn more about this badass grandmother? See below: When you will read this, you'll not leave with any excuse not to go the gym today.

Ernestine Shepherd Recently Turned 80- Year- Old, But Her Energy is Unbelievable!

After Seeing Her Younger Picture, You Can Guess How Fit She is From Teenage. After Turning 80 Year She's Still Got Some Major Tricks Up her Sleeve.

Can you Believe That Lady in Red Gym Suit is 80- Year- Old

She is a body builder and playing with gym tools is like a game for her. She looks damn good doing it and people can't believe their eyes when they saw her working out.

There is No Sign of Slowing Down, Despite She is Still Working Out to Get Perfect Back!

She's Won Two Major Bodybuilding Titles, And Even Been Named The World's Oldest Competitive Bodybuilder In The Guinness Book Of World Records.

She Shared Her Fitness Secret

She says that her secret is good old fashioned discipline. She wakes up at 3 in the early morning, runs 80 miles per week. She lives low calorie-controlled diet.

See What Message She Wants To Convey

She says she never, ever gives up. "Find what you like and stick with it," she said in an interview. "But remember, no matter what you do, you have to be determined. You have to be dedicated and disciplined. It takes four things to get fit: eat correctly, drink plenty of water, do some type of strength training and do some kind of cardio. Don’t listen to anyone who says you’re too old or starting out too late. Once you start exercising, honey, it’s a whole new ball game."