10 Life-Changing Things To Try In 2017

Life is a mess. We all know it. Yet, some people live it way better than us. And then, every year the resolution list comes up and we have to think of things that we must do in our daily routine. Since six years or so, I have been making a resolution about learning how to play a guitar, and trust me, I did not learn it yet, except a few chords here and there which is technically of no use! This year, I won’t keep the same list at all, and on the other hand, I might try these things on the list.

The Squatty Potty: So you could poo like a pro.

Why not be a pro in this thing as well? I know that nobody is watching you do it, but it is indeed better for your body. It entails the squatting motion which would “unkink” your colon. You no more need to spend hours in the washroom trying your best to finish the task quick, if you know what I mean! I wonder if I shouldn’t have kept this thing on the top, but hey, itness comes first right? Keep reading.

Bustband: so your ~ladies~ be in place when working out.

Now, this I am definitely going to buy soon. I love running but I don’t enjoy the difficulty that my ladies have to suffer, and I bet you don’t like it either. So here is an elastic band that would keep them at place, even more than the sports bra that you wear. This would avoid saggy breasts in the long run.

iClever Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones: so you could hear music better.

and hey, they are not even expensive. They deliver a comfortable sound quality and it is best when you are in your gym as you know how annoying the wires are. They keep falling off and disrupting your workout, so why not try these?

The Makeup Eraser: So you could remove even waterproof makeup with ease

Nobody likes the struggle of standing infront of the sink and trying too hard to wipe off the makeup that you wanted only through the day. This cloth pretty much removed all makeup sftly and doesn’t leave your eyes, looking like a disaster. Also, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and irritated.

Garnier Micellar Water: so you don’t have to rinse after removing makeup

Here is another way to get rid of your makeup and it is this water which is quite popular in France and doesn’t even cost 10$. If you used makeup removing wipes, which are not so good for skin on a regular basis, this water also doesn’t require you to wash off your face with water. Just put some on cotton and dab it on your skin.

Perfect Petzzz Orange Tabby Soft Toy: so you don’t need a real cat.

If you have no time to take out your cat for a poop or feed it at all times, here s a soft toy which you could buy. They look cute and re soft and even breathes, because it is a bit robotic. And, there you go, it won’t even break things and hit you.

Amazon Fire TV Stick: so you could watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

Streaming TV is a daunting task and you want to have a much better way t watch your shows. You shouldn’t find time to let them buffer first or record them before hand, but you should be able to watch them whenever you want, right? After all, you are a busy person! So you can buy Amazon fire TV Stick and live your life happily.

Zinus SmartBase Bed Frame: it won’t squeak

Well, this frame could change your life if you cannot afford to buy a new bed or if you are living with your friend in their one bedroom apartment. It is comfortable and it is cheap as well. It is also very light and folds up whenever you want. Also, it takes only five minutes to put it together.

Notes from the Universe Daily Newsletter for Positive Vibes,

We all need this one right here! The world is so negative, that we forget we need to be a bit positive for living our life. Which is why this inspirational newsletter has been invented. Instead of reading the disheartening news first thing in the morning, read this newsletter and start your day on a much positive note. Thoughts do become things and The Secret of the universe is Not a lie, my friends!

Apple iPhone Battery Case: so you don’t need to charge your phone again and again.

This is a case which would keep you batter intact, if you have an iPhone. It might make your phone look fatter, which of course you don’t want, but hey! It would keep you battery running for long. You don’t need to keep a back up charger as much, all times along you. And the case would protect your phone even more than the other covers, if in case it falls. SO yeah, make this list and buy as much things as you want for the new year.