Struggles People Under The Age Of 15 Will Never Understand

We are grown up and we belong to the 90s but, those who were born in the 21st century might not be able to relate so much with the circumstances that we have faced. One because when they happened, they were too young, or they weren’t even born. Well, personally I feel bad for the new generation as they missed out their childhood because of facebook. We used to go out and play while they thing playing games on Facebook is the most enjoyable thing that could happen. We used to wait to get home and text our boyfriends on the one on one message, which involved waiting and anticipation, but these have the online texting which tells when the person was even last seen! Yet, here are struggles we could relate to, but they would not.

It was a HORROR as Internet was a luxury!

It used to come up somewhat like this and it was horrifying that how long it took to connect.

The CDs were the only music listening gadget. Now who buys them, eh?

It was so disheartening when the CD player used to say “No Disk”.

This was the worst thing that could happen to your CD, am I right?

The dual device syndrome! You had to decide which one to take along, if not both.

And it was an endless search to find the game that you wanted to play.

Then this game came to the rescue when internet was down.

When you had to have a ringtone so that you could be a stud.

And when the time was never ending and you used to be like “Am going to break this PC.”

Ever rewind movies on your tiny little TV? It was cute, right?

There were times when you had to watch a favorite movie on two VHs tapes but you did not bother!

There were these words which ruined your day and you had to delete all your saved messages.

Remember how you said to your boyfriend to call at a particular time so that you both could talk without anyone bothering!

The T9 system where texting was a bit difficult but you came up with short forms!