12 Situations That Are Worse Than Death!

No one is sure about his life, as don't know where life is heading us, but we all know one thing about life is its end. We are sure that one day we would leave this world or at times we feel scared of thinking that our love one will leave us. But is there is anything which is painful than death?  Lucky and blessed are those who meet death without any pain or suffering. Most of us live in fear of when and how are we going to leave this world and what will happen next. 
Nobody wishes to die, but at times life is very fruitful. There are some painful situations in some people's life that seem worse than death. We have gathered some of those things that make us prefer death to life.

Paralyzed for Whole Life.

Suffered Physical Abuse

Being Totally Dependent on Someone

A Mother is The Who Give Life to her Kid, Nothing Can Be Painful to See kids Suffer or Die

Loss of Someone You Love The Most and Without Whom You Cannot Imagine Your Life

Extreme Depression or Feeling Guilt

Left Alone By Partner!

Mentally Tortured

Non Bearable Emotional Pain

Fully Dependent on Breathing Machine!

Regular Problem of Bowel or bladder