Absolutely Ridiculous Items Auctioned Off On eBay

Christmas is near and people are busy buying gifts for their loved ones. Time is running out and you better hurry to find a beautiful gift this year. If you can’t figure out what to buy, take a good look on eBay and the products being sold there. It would help you get your gift quickly, sitting at home. But the auction website often had gathered a bunch of weird items for sale. Check out the strangest things in the list and figure out if you would have bought any of those.

Britney Spears’ hair

People are keen to make good money via internet, which is why when Britney had her mini-meltdown back in 2007 and shaving off her luscious locks, the owner of the Californian salon where it happened thought they had a win-win situation in their hands. So, they put up the hair up for a cool $1m but sadly eBay pulled the auction before it went too far. Guess, any crazy fan was not able to buy her hair.

10 year old half eaten sandwich

Now, this was no ordinary grilled cheese sandwich. The one, who owned it, wasn’t able to eat it full as he found that there was an image of the Virgin Mary grilled into the bread. After 10 years, he put it for auction (and I have no idea what he did with it for the years) and it even got sold for $28,000!!

His life

Ian Usher was having a terrible day (well, a very hard day as his wife left him) but then he decided to put his life up for auction. Well, he sold everything--his car, home, job and friends for a fresh new start. Turns out, he made $300,000, by which he traveled the world and then became a best-selling author and speaker. Wow, what all can people do in one life!

Water left by Elvis Presley

A plastic cup that contained a small amount of un-drunk water of Elvis Presley from the 1977 concert in North Carolina, went for $455 to a crazy fan of his, who wanted a piece of him. Well, it is strange as to who kept the cup protected the whole time and who knows if the water hadn’t been changed or not.

A single cornflake

Now that was no special piece but the regular browny-orange, mass produced, and probably stale. A student from the UK, probably very bored, or maybe he wanted to check how eBay works, ended up selling it for just under $2. Maybe he was a wise businessman who invested this way to buy a whole new box of cereal.

A demonic rubber duck

The owner claimed in the description that this average looking toy had possessed his child, and that his child would “throw the duck as far away from his as he could whenever he got the chance”. Well, turns out someone creepy, who isn’t afraid and hasn’t seen any horror movies with children in it, bought it for over $100.

A cheater’s sports car

British radio personality Tim Shaw’s Lotus Esprit was auctioned off for 50 cents by his wife who was fed up by his continuous flirtations with random girls on the show. She got upset and decided to teach him a lesson!

Her forehead

Well, Kari Smith sold space on her forehead for some permanent advertising, and finally inking GoldenPalace.com on her head for $10,000 and they are still operating so it suggest their money also did not go to waste.