Bad News For Adult Film Addicts As UK Bans Various Odd Acts

Time and again censor boards bring in new set of rules when it comes to movies for public viewing. This not applies to movies in the entertainment category but also for movies in adult films category. UK has now passed a new amendment to put a ban on certain acts in adult films. If the amendment is being passed there will be many explicit acts of pleasure that would no longer be seen in these movies.

While there is not much of information available on what all ban would include, there is an assumption among the film producers that many scenes will go under the scanner with this ban. Read on to know more about it :

No More Use Of Four Fingers

It is being said that the movies will longer be allowed to show use of many fingers for orifice and pleasure purposes. The number will be limited as per the new law.

The List Is Too Long

British Board of Film Censors (BBFC) has given a huge list of content that is not acceptable for the ban. These amendments could mean that there would lot of acts that will not be available for people to view.

Adult Film Producers Are Objecting To The Ban

According to the producers, the ban will put a limitation on their work. The restrictions are surreal and absurd for them. They are also asking that why there is a ban on some of the acts which are harmless and not dangerous.

Some Of Acts Are Dangerous

According BBFC many of the acts fall in the category of life-endangering. Some of these acts are violent, offensive, obscene and some acts involve strangling which can prove to be life threatening.

The British Govt Clarified On This

In response to the issues raised by producers, British govt said this ban restricting the sites from showcasing the banned acts. If any site is found showing the banned acts, it will mean that they are breaking the law. The sites can still show these acts in parts of world but not in Britain.

Protecting Children

A spokes person from the Department of Media, Culture and Sports said that the idea is to protect children from unsafe content on the sites. He clarified “The legislation provides the same level of protection to the online world that exists on the high street in relation to the sale of Physical DVD’s.” He further added "in a converging media world these provisions must be coherent, and the BBFC classification regime is a tried and tested system of what content is regarded as harmful for minors."

The Ban Is Being Criticized

Another clause in the ban bill is the age verification clause. This means that each site will have to ensure that person entering their site is above 18. This is mandatory as it will help in maintaining a data base and it will let the govt know people’s viewing habits.