Dangerous Selfie Attempts Which Resulted In Horrifying Deaths

There was a time when people wanted to take their own photos and then smart phone with a front facing camera was invented. Then when people like Kim made the selfie popular, people came up with something new. They wanted to click their pictures at the most weird places or at the most dangerous situation. This is what happened when some of them started going crazy and lead to deaths because of selfie.

Accidental Suicide in Mexico

It is not a good idea to have alcohol while taking a selfie, as the pictures are going to be pretty embarrassing. But it is going to be worse if you have a gun in your hand while you are drunk and taking a selfie. 21-year old Oscar Aguilar thought it would be hilarious to take a selfie of himself with a loaded pistol, which is when without warning the gun went off, straight to his head.

First Date!

You want your dates to go well but you should be happy that at least you both survive by the end of it. British photographer James Nichols had met Cheynee Holloway online and was so smitten that he flew 8,000 miles to meet her. On the first date, they both went to Northcliff Hill in Johannesburg where North was attempting to set a camera timer for a photo of the two along a ledge, but then the rocks gave way under Holloway and she fell fifty feet below, dying.

Selfie on Mountain

Guess it should be a warning : Don’t take selfies on mountains. When a lone hiker went trekking on Lion Rock Mountain in Hong Kong, he started taking a selfie by a ridge and fell down. Hikers around him tried to pull him up but he was pronounced dead by paramedics.

Tragic Accident because of Happy Selfie

2-year old Courtney Ann Sanford’s posted on Facebook as she drove her car down Highway 85 in North Carolina. “The happy song makes me HAPPY” along with her selfie. She wasn’t paying attention so she crossed over a median and drive smack dab into a truck. Courtney’s photo was posted at 8:33am - and the accident was reported to authorities at 8:34am which tells what the reason had been.

Shocking Train Wreck

21-year old from the Andújar municipality of Spain was with his friend when they decided to take some photos by the commercial hauling train. Everything was fine till they thought that climbing to the top for some more interesting snapshots would be a clever idea. One touch from the dangerous high voltage wires resulted in death of the wanna-be James Bond.

Selfie That Left Two Children Orphaned

During a family vacation in Cabo de Roca, Portugal, two Polish children witnessed their parents dying in a totally preventable accident. The parents ensured that their kids were safely behind a security railing and then stepped over and onto the ledge in order to get a great shot of themselves. They slipped onto the rocks and water below and the authorities could not even find the bodies till the next day because of rising tides.

Watch your step at Taj Mahal

In 2015, a Japanese tourist attempted to use a selfie stick to snap a photo of himself and three friends at the Royal Gate of the Taj Mahal. The man and one of his friends slipped and tumbled down the steps, while one fractures his leg, the other suffered head trauma and died shortly.