22 People Who Spent Thousands on Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Celebrity - #18 Totally Failed!

Undoubtedly everybody wishes to be like their favorite celebrity. Why not? After all, it is a great feeling to look like your favorite celeb. But do think that it is a great idea to spend dollars to get a face like them?  Popular people have been influencing their fans in the way the rest of us act and dress since the olden days. Many fans, though, take things to a whole other level. And that weird level is exclusive and horrible. 

With plastic surgery, it is possible to get the look you want. Some people went under the knife in order to get resemblance with their favorite famous person. You won’t believe there are so many people in fact. So, here we present a list of people who went under plastic surgery to get look like their favorite celeb

Kim Kardashian Fan

Angelina Jolie Fan

Jessica Rabbit

Kate Winslet

Kim Kardashian (again)

Britney Spears

Michael Jackson

Brad Pitt

Jennifer Lopez


. Lindsay Lohan

Jennifer Aniston

Jessica Alba

Lady Gaga

Justin Bieber

The Incredible Hulk

Jennifer Lawrence

Kim Kardashian (yet again)

Miranda Kerr

Demi Moore

Ryan Gosling

Pamela Anderson