Dad Who Killed 7-Month-Old Baby by Twisting His Privates, Sticking Fingers Down Throat Reveals Why

Many people say that first time you hold your baby, it is the most beautiful feeling in the world and after holding baby you become a better person just to give that tiny human a chance in life. It happens with most of the people, but exceptions are always there, especially those parents who are too young. As they are young they don't have any idea how to take care of their child. Here we are talking about a young father, who has been found guilty of murdering his seven-month-old son by inflicting ‘serious’ injuries. Let's read the whole story how a young dad committed a heinous crime. 

Giving Birth To A Baby is Precious Feeling as You Are Giving Birth To New Life!

He is Kane Kennedy A Young Dad Who Committed Heinous Crime

He is 20-year-old guy who belongs to Heysham, Lancashire He had a young son who died, he was not ready to be a father.

Kane Has Been Found Guilty For Killing His Own Son

He is Kane's son Oskar Jobey-Kennedy. While an autopsy, it was found that he was killed by pressing his private part badly. There were many bruises all over his body and he was suffocated.

He is A Chain Smoker

It has been discovered that he was a chain smoker so priorities over his child and family.

What he Did With His Son?

A medical examiner tested that the bruising around Baby Oskar's privates have caused him huge pain while he was alive.

She is Tia, Oskar's Mother

She is Tia, 19- year -old. She told the police that when Kane wouldn't have cannabis, he would become paranoid and act irrationally. "I'm trying to make sure Oskar is happy and safe and while you're addicted to weed and violent and abusive, he's not safe at all," read one of her messages to the baby's father.

His son died in his hands

He was trying to control his child as he was crying loud and ended up with suffocating him.

He is Not Accepting What He Had Done

He was not accepting it and was denying everything. The Judge didn't trust him and he was pressured to admit the truth.

Then He Even Changed His Story

He said by mistake he fell asleep on his baby and when woke up, his child was dead.

Tia Informed the Police That He Killed The Baby Intentionally!

Her Mother Was Also Found Guilty As She Didn't Reported About The Case

Finally They Both Are In Jail

Tia Should have informed earlier about the crime, so they both are currently in the jail for heinous crime.