Animals That Totally Look Like Celebrities - 10# is Absolutely Hysterical!

Many  people says that some people tend to look like their pets, but for some some celebs in Hollywood, the comparisons are truly weird. So does your loving celeb have a wild kingdom doppelgänger? so I know we are talking weird but still after watching pics you will also say that your favorite celeb have wild kingdom doppelgänger. so, scroll down to see the celebs and their surprising animal look-a-likes... # will make you fall from your chair! Be careful! 

Harrison Ford and this Dog

Ron Perlman and this Dog

Snoop Dogg and this dog

Madonna and this Frog

Samuel L. Jackson and this Dog

Cher and this Afghan Hound

Peyton Manning and this Dog

Pink and this Cockatoo

Garey Busey and this Monkey

Tracy Morgan and this Sea Otter

Jamie Hyneman and this Walrus

Nicki Minaj and this Cat

Danny Devito and this Baby Panda