This Woman Earns £125 Per Hour As An Undercover Bridesmaid

This 34 year old woman does something that you might not have ever thought about doing yourself! And to give a shocker, she is living a luxurious life out of it. There are people doing crazy things around the world but they are not always for money. Everything gets popular on Internet these days if you are doing something unique and if you are lucky enough. Tiffany Wright works as a professional bridesmaid. Have your heard of it? Well read here to know more about the woman:

Meet the bridesmaids Tiffany Wright.

She masquerades as a guest in marriages and does some important tasks like getting people on the dance floor, arranging last minute surprises at the function for the other guests.

It is a productive business

Her business as a “Professional Bridesmaids” aims to help the brides having cold feet on the big day. Her husband Ibiza works in a finance company which is a job completely different and he thinks she is crazy to do it.

Julia (Right) and Tiffany (Left)

Julia on her wedding day had started to panic and was feeling nostalgic so she hired Tiffany to do all the necessary work, which she was not able to manage. And then Tiffany posed as Julia’s wedding guest while she ran all her errands.

This amazing work is her job.

She earns £750 for six hours, and her job is about getting guests on the dance floor, filling the bride’s water glass, and even dealing with all the other family dramas which go around.

Julia Lynsey got married in May.

She got married in Lime Wood Hotel. She gave Tiffany Wright all the credits for making things work out so easily for her and they are good friends now.

She also offers other services.

Along with weddings she also organizes Hen parties, delivers maid of honor speeches and that is weird as that makes her a ‘better’ bridesmaid than any of the other brides’ friends.

Last minute preparations.

Sometimes people don’t hire wedding planners as they believe they can get their wedding to be creative on their own but then, at the last minute they get blood pressure high and call Tiffany to give them emergency services.

She is decorating the aisle.

She helps brides to decide their costume, arrangements, and even a ring for their partner. She goes to any limits to finish her tasks and she is not ashamed as she is dedicated. Floral display for the aisle or the food catering, is all taken care by her so that the bride has a wonderful memory of the day.