9 Most Weird Marriage Rituals Which Are Still Followed

In our society, there are many ways of livings, traditions and custom. Different society follows different traditions from the ancient times. Do you know that there are weird love making rituals too? I understand that people follow their customs but it is weird that old people had rituals related to love making and still tribes are following that. You will find these rituals awkward, but for those tribes these rituals are like order from god and they even don't feel guilty while following it. So, don't sit back relaxed, as it is the time to know about some strange marriage rituals followed around the world. Scroll down to discover weirdest marriage rituals ever!

In South Africa, female tribes leave a small opening for urine and to remove menses blood in order to save their chastity.

In Brazil, Men Convince Women For Love Making By Giving Gifts!

According to the Ritual of Ghana, A Widow is Supposed to Spend Night With Strange Man

Strange but A tribe in Papua New Guinea let their Children to Involve in love making activities at Early Age

In Papua girl age for love making is 6-8 and boy's age is 10-12. They have the freedom to make love before marriage, but they are not allowed to share their meals before marriage. Strange!

In a Society of Mangaia, Boys are Allowed to Make Love From the Age 13.

They make love with women elder than them, and women teach them how to do it correctly and how to last longer.

In a tribe's society, parents make a small house in front of their house, where their daughter can spend whole night with strangers.

A Brazilian Tribe Uses Same Term For Love Making and Eating, as for them both have equal importance in life and both of them are healthy for body.

In Nepali Tribes Community, Brothers Share one woman for love Making

The reason is pathetic, it is just to safe limited fields from dividing.

In Inis Beag, which is near Ireland, people Make Love with underwear.