10 Ridiculous Teen Trends Parents Should Know About, #8 Is Disgusting

Teenage has always been regarded as one of the most critical phases of anyone’s life. It is the time when new hormonal changes happen in the body which brings about a concoction of emotions. Hence, parents have to become more careful while handling their kids at this phase of life without being controlling or dictatorial. The teenagers have a lot in their plate considering relationships, new friends, education, career, love life and the changing taste in fashion.

Some kids just love to come up with creepiest ideas when it comes to the way of dressing. Teenagers are finding ways to thrust the precarious precincts. Here’s a look at 10 most bizarre and scary things teenagers do these days:

Kylie Jenner Lip Contest

This act has gone viral amongst teens. The kids make their lips bigger by using bottle suction trick. Basically, it was done to imitate the well-known Kelly Jenner’s enviable plump lips. Sadly, this precarious contest can result in blood circulation problems and impair the tissues.

Vodka Gummy Bear

Candies as blameless as gummy bears are being used by teens to get sloshed. The teens are consuming these vodka-sodden candies in huge amounts without understanding that this could lead to severe alcohol poisoning. Make sure that you speak to your kids about this particular thing.

The Chocking Game

In this risky game, one kid helps other to gag so as to amputate the flow of oxygen and blood to brain. The practice carries on till the other person is on threshold of passing out. Isn’t that scary? Once unconfined, the blood immediately flows back to brain and this generates a fleeting feeling of being high which is equal to what drugs do. This is deadly since the kid might have a fainting fit.

Snorting Smarties

Snorting smarties game involves the blending of candies to a fine powder. After that, they breathe in this fine powder through a straw or rolled up paper. This kind of huffing and puffing out can cause chronic coughs, infections and even clogs.

Purple Drink

This is a fusion of fizzy drinks like sprite with cough syrup, jolly rancher’s candies and ice. The extremely poisonous drink leads to insensitivity, phantasms.

Tampon Boozing

This ever rising trend in which kids are supposed to insert Vodka soaked tampons in their private regions (girls) or in a rear cavity (mostly guys). This dreadful technique is said to make one drunk quicker and can impair membranes.

Rubber challenge

This one is the real disgusting challenge that many teenage kids are getting involved in. In this challenge, kids usually sniff a rubber through the nose and try to pull that out from their mouth. It can be quite dangerous as it can cause suffocation.

Salt and ice challenge

Another weird challenge, in this teens press salt and ice alongside the skin, to get a frostbite-like result. The foolhardiness leads to severe wounds and second-degree scorches.

Bracelet specifically for getting down and dirty

Teenagers have nowadays discovered a new way of beckoning their passionate availability. They put on these jelly bracelets to give an indication to other kids to show off that they have already experienced different acts of love making or are willing to make a fuss of.