Strange Objects Found in X-Rays and the Shocking Stories Behind Them!

X Ray has enabled doctors to see inside the human body and diagnose what the problem might be. But, at times, these visions are more than just a broken bone. Deadly weapons to household objects could be seen inside the body if not handled correctly. After seeing this, you might never want to propose to your girlfriend by hiding the ring in a bottle of champagne. If you think looking at these images below is scary, then wonder what it would have been like for the people who suffered it!

A knife in the head

And the man did survive! A young man bravely attempted to stop a robbery back in 2008, but got 6 inches of steel through his skull for the trouble. Fortunately and quite miraculously, the hero not only survived but was coherent enough to testify in court.

A wedding ring

This ring went from the bottom of a milkshake into a woman’s stomach. It would have been really weird when she took out the ring from the pooper and washed it and wore it, or did she? Maybe the guy sold it? Then, who bought it? Could it be your fiancé? OMG! It’s creepy and I know it. And I hope the couple is happily married.

A pepsi bottle

It was a twisted Pepsi Challenge and two men in Pakistan inserted a cola bottle in the wrong hole of a 60-year-old man. Poor Fella! they then proceeded to steal two of his prized buffalo. The victim reported that he “wasn’t going to take the incident sitting down”. Guess, he wasn’t able to sit down, that ‘s why!


Well, you might be too scared to lose your iPhone or your smartphone and I bet you can’t bear that thought. It seems that this prisoner in El Salvador certainly couldn’t handle it, and tried to smuggle it in using his own body, with rice on the side.

A light bulb

Doctors in Pakistan had to extract this light bulb from the large intestine of a prisoner, but he said he was unaware how it got there. Well, that was not a very “bright” idea to make that excuse!

A big old Bullet

Home remedies is not for everyone and it got pretty obvious when this guy thought about treating his hemorrhoids. He felt his intestines were falling out and so he took the closest thing handy to push them back in and guess what it was! He decided to consult medical expert when the bullet got stuck.

Handle of bathroom tap

Chinese man Yi Zhao took a tumble in his bathtub and ended up with one of the taps sticking out of his eye socket. So, he calmed down and took the whole fixture to the hospital along him, instead of taking it out himself, which wouldn’t have helped.

A bunch of keys

One year-old Nicholas Holderman found a way to jam an entire set of keys into his skull and no one is aware how the hell it happened. Just, now the mothers would keep the keys away from their infants too.

A bread knife in a puppy

Well, we know a dog can eat anything, like mine broke my spectacles and ate the glass! And this St. Bernard puppy ended up with a 13-inch blade halfway down its esophagus. Guess what would have happened? Peanut butter!