10 Reasons Why Border Collies Are The Best

Ask anyone about dogs and its breeds and the reply will be that there are countless breeds. And border collies are said to be the cutest among all breeds. Border collies as the name suggests were developed in the border lands of England and Scotland to gather and control the sheep in the farm areas. Border collies are known for their sharp eyes and it has an amazing energy and stamina. They are said to talented and  workaholics as well.

These highly intelligent dogs are still used for sheep herding in many farms and ranches. They are trainable and are very good in sports too. These furry beauties can steal your heart with their cute looks and innocence, take a look :

These furry creatures are really cute and adorable.

They are regarded as the smartest and most intelligent dogs among all the dog breeds.

They love canine sports and their favourite game is to catch Frisbee.

They love their fellow dogs and try to take care of them.

And they bond with other animals too.

They were developed to herd but they even specialise as medical alert dogs, search and rescue dogs and are used as therapy dogs to relax human minds.

You will love their beautiful colours.

They have a special connection with humans and they share a great bonding with human beings.

They love to run around and it’s too hard to get hold of them.

They are simply amazing and their cuteness is mesmerising.