Boy's devastated when he's outbid for late father's car. Man in the hat does something shocking!

Parents are the safest people in the world. No matter how wrong you act with them, or how least important you think of them, they are always willing to help you out. And when they leave this world, it becomes a hole in your heart and the memories come crashing down on you. It is tough to let go and you want every piece of them to still be with you, which is exactly what this boy wanted to do. He did not want to lose his father’s car. And this is what happened next!

Meet Tanner

He lost his father recently and as every child want, he also was trying to keep something precious of his father, so that he could remember him forever.

He loved his father immensely.

Tanner's father meant the world to him and there are several wonderful memories of them together which he wants to cherish all his life.

Tanner's father was a police officer.

And being a police officer, he was on a duty when he died in 2010 after a shootout in a car chase.

Now he wanted his squad car.

Tanner wanted his dad's squad car as a way to remember him and keep a piece of him, but it was being sold at a police auction.

He came to the auction.

Tanner had never been to an auction before but he still came with a hope that no one would outbid him and he could get the car.

This man in the hat outbids.

But, here is the man who had more money for buying the car and he ended up winning.

Now this surprising thing happened.

Tanner got upset that he had lost his dad's car, but then the man who is a complete stranger to him, turns towards Tanner and hands him the keys, saying, "Tanner, here's your car." Tanner is glad and couldn’t be more thankful!