Mother Couldn't Find A Babysitter So She Takes Her Daughter To Work Just To Have Her Co-worker Murder Her

A 34-year-old man named Ricardo Augusto Utuy has been recently been taken into custody for the murder charges of an innocent 3-year-old girl. As per the police officials, the child's mother had nobody to babysit her girl while she used to go to work. Therefore, one fine day she decided to take "Baby Ruby" along with her to the workplace.

Scroll down to know what made that man to murder her 3-year-old daughter:

As per the reports of the police official

As per the reports of the police official, the accused has also been charged with a past violence on a woman a few months earlier. Utuy lay down his arms to authorities on Tuesday a day after wounding the 3-year-old to death.

The attack occurred around 5 p.m

The attack transpired around 5 p.m. on Monday evening. Her mother had just walked away from her workplace and this man took complete advantage of the situation. Suddenly, she noticed "Baby Ruby" was afraid and running towards her with Utuy right after her. This the very moment when Utuy pulled out a sharp knife and brutally wounded the 3-year-old numerous times and escaped the scene.

Co-workers even told about weird behavior of Utuy

Co-workers have even reported that Utuy was at times seen sniggering and talking to himself. Moreover, if he was "Not at all there" the mother of the child and Utuy had never interacted with each other much at the workplace.

If Utuy will be convicted for this heinous crime, then he will definitely be facing life in prison punishment.