They Pulled This Out Of The Depths Of The Ocean, And What It Is Will Take Your Breath Away

Lately, Jacqueline Miller discovered the dead body of a blue whale which had swept away to oceanfront in Newfoundland, Canada. Being the researcher, she is currently working at the Royal Ontario Museum and decided to take out the whale’s heart to know more about the animal.

Scroll down to know what she found out when she removed the heart of the whale:

For Evaluation

For a better outlook on the size of the whale’s heart, she first displays the hearts of a mouse and cow. Surprisingly strange!

The Whale Heart

This is the heart of the blue whale. You must be wondering how the heart of the blue whale could is that massive and that too it can swim through the aorta,’ Jacqueline elucidates.

Weighing around 400 lbs

The heart of the whale actually weighs around 400 pounds and is just about 5 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet. Jacqueline concludes, ‘If our blue whale...still grips anatomical mysteries from us, what other mysteries are there out there in the oceans and the atmosphere that we don’t know?’

Check out the video to know what happened exactly: