How To Get | Create | Share Your Year In Review Video On Facebook

At the end of the year 2016, Facebook is making your video “Year in Review 2016” videos, letting you celebrate all of your beautiful moments of the year. The year in review Facebook videos were very famous in 2015.

This year too, the video picking some of your most liked photos from 2016. It also shows all of the things you’ve liked on Facebook this year and also thanks you for being a loyal Facebook user. Let’s have a look how to make “Year in Review 2016” video. 

Here You Can Make Your Own Year in Review Video

If you want to see the video made by Facebook, just be logged in into Facebook and go to Also, be aware of many scams, which claim to make your video. Few pages promise to make your “Year in Review” video for you if you like or share their page. Don’t get trapped – you don’t require installing any extra plug-in to get your video.

Some People Are Facing Issues In Getting Their Own Video

To view your personalized Year in Review video, first, make sure that you are logged in to Facebook. The video might come at the top of your news feed when you log in or you can go to the Year in Review 2016 page. You can also get the same by clicking the "Watch Yours" option on a friend's Year in Review. Some people are facing issues in getting their video, so don’t sweat it if yours is delayed by a day or two. As creating a personalized video for each of Facebook's 1.79 billion users is a tough task.

Facebook will Create A Video For You But You Can Also personalize Your Video

To Make Your Personalized Video, You Can Choose Your Own Photos

Apart From Photos You May Choose Your Post According To Your Choice

Choose Pics From Your Uploaded Pics

Once You Are Done, You Have Got Your Personalized Year in Review Video

Gaze At The Video To See The Tutorial To Edit Year in Review Video!