Check These 10 Pictures Of Obama That Show The Hidden Side Of Him You Never Thought Of

Have you ever thought of the job and kind of life US President Barack Obama was dealing with? I know you would be excited to scroll down. The occupation of the administration can be severe and tough but when we think of this great man Barack Obama, the very thought that comes to our mind is that everything is perfect. Although we are amazed what is going inside the White House and a variety of special moments are there in the lives of the Obamas that are left uncaptured.

Inspite of holding a position of grand family of USA, the Obamas definitely have their light moments and photographer Pete Souza was able to capture that for us.

Let’s have a look at some precious historical moments in these fell-good photos of Obama.

Obama’s Participation In Basketball With The Congressmen Has Been A Benchmark In Obama’s Presidentia

A Lovey-Dovey Moment Of The Obamas

The President Is Flaunting Some Dance Moves At Sasha’s Recitals.

Mr. President Caressing Her Daughter On A Visit To Nelson Mandela’s Former Prison Cell In SA.

This Photo Shows He Is Extraordinarily Crazy.

The President Is Waiting Anxiously To Deliver His Public Speech.

President In A Party Celebration With The Energetic 106-Year Old Virginia Mclaren.

One Of The Most Intimate And Outspoken Moment Of Both The President With The Wife In Lift.

First President Has Been A Source Of Inspiration To Young Clark Reynolds.

Perhaps, this 3-year old child has aroused the public by touching his face.

Bo, Obama’s Family Dog Makes His Public Debut While Running In Full Speed Inside The White House Wit