8 Funniest Then vs. Now Truths Of Life. #1 Is So True

Live is an ever changing process. It is evolving everyday or should I say every moment. There is no denying that our world has evolved tremendously over the decades with advancement in technology and so have our lives. Over the years each one of us has witnessed many changes around us. While there are many childhood memories we hold close to our heart, through this post we bring you some of truths of life between then and now. 

Scroll over and take a look at just how far we have come  :

During those days, having a meal at McDonalds was an exciting treat.

Keeping awake in night then was like an adventure and now is nightmare.

Birthdays then meant friends, cakes, parties, friends and today birthdays mean wishes on your social media accounts.

For everything today we rely on technology and computer, back then we lived in real world, today we are living in virtual world.

Then was the fear of doctors and now is the fear doctor’s bill, oh yes at least doctor is common factor here.

Back in those days running was about keeping your own self in shape and today it’s about taking selfies and posting them on social media.

We were a lot more active during those days and enjoyed being at beach, playing our favourite sports and swimming. Toady we are becoming too lazy to move even a bit.