This Is Why Students Should not be Friends With Teachers On Facebook

The relationship between a student and teachers is quiet a sensitive relationship. Teachers are there to help us learn, grow and make better person out of us. They are our mentors and they correct us when we go wrong. 

On the lighter side many students add their teachers as friends on their facebook account. While there is no harm in this, students should be extra careful about what they are posting on their profile. Some students probably forget that they are friends with their teachers and they end up being caught by their teachers. This can be a pretty hilarious situation. 

Take a look at these facebook post and you will know why students should not add teachers as friends :

This student will learn the lesson the hard way.

This is definitely not what Mr. Lowe wanted his students to see, too bad that Mrs. Lowe didn’t know how to get it off facebook.

This student forgot that their teacher is the friends list, lol.

This surely is ridiculous.

And your teacher catches you on the wrong foot.

The students now know that their teacher is bad in mathematics and they know your age too.

This is an epic example of learning algebra.

Sometimes teachers also make grammar mistakes.

That’s once bitten, twice shy for the teacher.

Be careful students, your teachers can even announce a capital punishment for you all, that’s not right.