IDEAL Dresses For 5 Different Body Shapes

All of us are living in a challenging society with constant changes in fashion trends, especially for women. Inspite of the fact you are beautiful, you should carry that charm and personality with you that will hit the public. We all try hard to figure out which dress suiting our body on regular basis. All types of body have pros and cons. As each and every female has different shape and size, so it becomes quite tough to search for clothes which are lofty and extravagant looking according to your body type. Here this article suggests you some fashion tips which you can use to make the most out of your shape. Check them out:

Apple Body Type

Commonly named by “top heavy” body, weight is carried through the middle of body and chest.

How It Looks?

It gives a look of a bigger bust, broad back, a bulgy stomach and wide shoulders.

Way Of Dressing

Do not cover your body just because of rounder belly. You can expose yourself in sleek silhouettes giving you a modernized appearance.

The Rectangle Body Type

This body type is generally seen on very slim women.

What It Looks Like

The width of your waist is same as of your shoulders and hips. You will look straight up with flat shoulders having a curvy bottom, a wide chest and an extra weight around the mid portion.

How To Dress

Most of the women with such body shape work hard to give a curvy shape to their body. You can select from a wide range of A-line shirts, or cross-over or flip or paneled skirts adding visual interest to create a decent look that trims away the waist. Also, you can go for miniskirts or skinny jeans or bright tights.

They can also try kaftans with splits at waist, simple straight lines, empire line or shift dresses, tuplip skirts, kimono top, long jackets, tops with ruffles or collars etc.

The Hourglass Body Shape

This is one of the most classic body shapes with almost the equal hip and bust measurements, with a narrow waist.

How Your Body Shape Looks

You have curves which are flattering with wider looking shoulders, large bust, fleshy upper arms, and fuller bottom with wide hips are similar in width size with a killer waist. Fat is evenly stored throughout.

Dressing Way With Hourly Shaped Body

Till the time you are in your comfort zone, you can dress in short shorts to show off your legs and curves. Try to wear supportive bra to lift up your bust of hourglass shapes.

You can wear cross-over or wraps made of soft fabrics. Go for V-shaped tops or tops with a deep neckline as high necklines will just make your bust area too bulky. Try wearing top of dark colors so that your boobs look smaller. Use light scarves in winter to cover your open V-neck. Little fitted jackets will prove great. When it comes to cover lower body, you can try boot cut trousers or Pencil skirts or flip skirts adjustable to the waist or cute sling backs with a chunky heel finish can give a perfect look.

The Wedge Shaped Body

Women having wedge shaped body have athletic kind of bodies.

How Your Body Looks?

This body type is commonly called as the inverted triangle with a broad chest and wide shoulders with narrow waist and hips. Their slim legs and narrow hips are their biggest assets

Outfits For Wedge Body Shape

You have to go for those dresses which will balance your upper and lower body. Steer clear from boat neckline tops or spaghetti-strap tops. You may try wearing wide-legged pants and bright colors on the bottom. You can wear full skirts, shorter skirts and shorts with longer tops and ankle strap shoes will give an amazing look to your legs.

The Pear Shaped Body

This is generally referred as the most “curvaceous” body. Such body shape is easy to notice by just glancing at the lower body such as legs, hips, thighs and sometimes, back. They appear more wider, muscular and fuller as compared to the rest body.

What It Looks Like

A girl with such body type having a wider body at bottom than your topmost body, that means her hips are wider than her shoulders. Their best assets are their shoulders and torso.

Dress To Wear

You can wear anything that adds to your shoulder and bust area. Opt for hemline dresses or skirts or pants, tulip skirts, A-line skirts, strapless dresses. You can try for tops with ruffles, boat neck tops, and square and cowl necklines. Light-colored tops can look fabulous with contrast dark-colored bottoms. Pointy-toed shoes are the perfect one to widen your legs.