Things You Need To Know To Kiss A Girl Properly, #3 Is Must To Follow

Most men know that kiss is the most perfect way to express feeling to their girlfriend. But fact is, they don’t know how to kiss perfectly and therefore they scared to kiss their girl. That is why it is very important to learn the proper way to kiss a girl. Here are some very important things you need to know to kiss like a pro. Have a look.

Avoid Nose Bumping And Heads Butting

First of all, get yourself started by holding her face with both palms while leaning in with your lips parted. Instead of kissing her head, slowly tilt her head slightly to one side so that your noses don't bump and heads don’t touch and so you don't get in each other's ways. Touch her lips and keep them there still for a second or two while peeping into her eyes. Guide her how to move on as a woman is turned on by a man knowing how to lead.

Pick Her Lower Lip Gently

Gently pick her lower lip using your teeth. Avoid biting, and do nibbling by sucking it all in. Carry on sucking on the entire lower lip while moving your wild tongue from one side of the mouth to the other and keep your upper lip away without touching. She should feel like she is been embraced while you are kissing and this will make her feel special.

Add A Lickable French Kiss

She would love kissing her in more intimate ways. Add spice to it by adding French kiss sort of. Slowly move on and keep her ready. Start by holding her face with one hand and embrace her shoulder while compelling her to open hr mouth. Start licking on her tongue and go on nibbling. Then slip your tongue into her mouth and make sure that she does the same exploring each other’s mouths. The gentle, tender kisses should be given all over her face and chew on her chin. If she is lagging behind, slowly instruct her to move on to create her mood in kissing you. Give her some space to play with your lips too indeed, the sensual kiss is always the most perfect one with two lips making passionate love.

Keep Her Lips Wet

The spark would be added only by kissing and keeping her lips stay wet and don’t salivate your lips. She would not like chappy or dry lips on hers. Kiss like you are licking an ice-cream.

A warm and a steamy, passionate kiss is always welcomed with love and can let the parties left eagerly to move the lips to more sensual body parts. Now, go forth and enjoy kissing.

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