Hilarious! Woman Sets Up Camera And Catches Her Dog Stealing Her Snacks

I love dogs and this story could not help me control my laughter! If there is a choice for you between snacks and dogs what would you choose? I know dogs, right? But what if they have your favorite snack behind your back? My lovely dog goes crazy for food but its height if a dog knows where your snacks are hidden and then, goes for it the moment you step out the door. this is why I am waiting for the release of movie "Life Of Pets" as it is quite a hilarious one to show what they do after we leave our homes. This is a story of a lady who became a detective as the snacks kept vanishing.

And then jumped back off.

He was able to maintain proper balance with his hind legs and then even got off very nicely after having those snacks. amazig, isn't it? He did this practice almost regularly, I think so.

Look at the dog!

When the lady got home from work, as usual the snacks were again missing so she watched the footage and was surprised to see her black Labrador, jumping upon the counter and then grabbing the snacks in his mouth.

Everyone in her home kept denying.

No one in her family was willing to admit eating her snacks and thus, she finally had enough and decided to place a camera.