Remove Negative Energy From Your Home Using Just A Glass Of Water

It is believed that varied energies exist around you which are a result of your own thoughts and feelings. If something bad has occurred in your home, it could also lead in negative energy inside your home. Also, the people who visit you in your home also bring in a sort of energy with them which could affect your mood. There are ways you could detect these energies as well. Here are few tricks which you could follow to get rid of it because it is going to make you restless and anxious. Thus, keep reading:

Take some sea salt in a glass.

Cover one-third of the glass with salt and add 1/3 cup of water and 1/3 white vinegar to it.

Place in the room.

Now hide that glass in a spot in the room which has negative vibes or which gives off negative energy. Let the glass be there for an entire day.

Now after 24 hours check the glass.

When you check the glass after an entire day and it still looks like you left it, it suggests there was no negative energy in the room.

Now place the glass in another room.

Check again after 24 hours as If bubbles or smudges develop, then it indicates that the room had a negative energy.

Flush it out.

You need to flush down the water present in the glass and take another glass to place in the room. Repeat this procedure till all the energy is washed away and the water looks clean.