These Pictures Show Fundamental Differences Between Trump And Obama

Undoubtedly, president Donald Trump and Barack Obama are the two most famous talked about and famous political leaders in the world. Donald Trump is the most trolled leader over the internet, while Barack Obama is the most loving leader worldwide. I have never seen a president leaving his presidency woefully. But Barack Obama is sad and helpless as doesn't wish a billionaire to be the next president, particularly a man who openly abused other women and countries. But now, the reality is that Donald Trump is the 45th American president and we hope best for America. Mr Obama loves and cares for America and looked dull while welcoming Donald Trump. Let’s put the spotlight on the major differences between Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Scrolld down to have a look!

He Is The One Who Has Inspired Generations And Has Fans Worldwide.

Undoubtedly, he is the most loved political leader in the world. He cares and loves America and worried about giving it to Donald Trump

Meet Naew President Of America - Donal Trump

We should not judge him too early, but his recent statements are hurting other countries, Muslim community, building walls and immigrants. Donald Trump is not fit for the American presidency as per youth of America.

See How Gentle Mr Barack Obama Is! No Need To Say Anything!

Baby Seems Unhappy With Donald Trump, Can You See The Difference?

See How Gently Mr Obama is Handling Babies! Even A picture Tells A Story!

Barack Obama said, let's give Trump a chance to keep America united. We hope best for Donald Trump and Us!