Don't Miss These Teenage Fails You Shouldn’t Laugh At, But You Will Anyway.

Undoubtedly these days the teenagers are totally different from previous generations as they are advanced and smarter than the old generation. Due to high technology or pool of information on the internet, it seems that they have all information and they are growing fast and become mature. But still, at times they behave horribly! In the past teen used to write their memories on diaries, letter or slam books but now they have all the facilities and technologies as they have their own blogs, social media websites and smart features on a mobile device. Many things have affected today's innocent teens like social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Justin Bieber and many more. Scroll below to see the types of shenanigans that teens are up to today.

See How He Is Experiencing Heartbreak At This Age!

They Are So Happy To Meet Their Hero

Haha! How He Is Considering He Is Growing Old By This Single Chin Hair!

Grow Up Boy! I must applaud for your victory!

Few Teens Complained About This!

See How They Are Sharing It On Social Media! They Are Careless About Handling Their Valueables

Boys Teens Are Posing Like Models!

Girls Are Not Behind In The Race Of Posting Selfies!

I think she wants all the attention through Her Sad Selfies!

For Them Nothing Is Like Personal!

Only They Have The Guts To Pose Like This!

They Love To Party Or To Have Fun All The Time!

Their Camera Is Always ON Doesn't Matter They are Eating Or Sleeping!

Many Many Congrtactulations To Fake Couple

Some Show Off With Internet Quotes But Get Trolled!