Experiencing Toothache? Keep A Garlic Clove in Your Mouth and See The Magic!

Undoubtedly garlic is kitchen's best friend as without garlic kitchen is incomplete and many dishes remained tasteless. Due to its unique taste, it has a special place in the kitchens from all over the globe. But we all are unaware that it has many medicinal benefits for our health. The ancient Chinese, Egyptians , Romans, Greeks and also knew that garlic has awesome health benefits. Garlic is filled with anti-inflammatory antibacterial properties which is capable of treating all kind of pains like tooth ache. Allicin is present in juicy garlic which helps to get rid of pain. Garlic is so beneficial that it is used to prevent breast cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer and lung cancer. So let's have a look how garlic can easily help us to get rid of toothache. 

See How To Use Garlic To Reduce The Pain

If you are experiencing toothache due to infection or post surgery, rub half of the garlic clove on the teeth for seven to ten minutes.

When You Feel Immense Pain

Start chewing the clove but slowly, so that garlic will release the juice and in next 20 minutes allicin present in the juice will work to relieve pain.

Garlic is Loaded With Anti-Inflammatory Antibacterial Properties Helps to Reduce Pain

Apart from pain reliever, it also helps to get rid of flu and infections. So if you feel cold and cough, you can eat it or you can also keep it under your pillow overnight. When it comes to toothache, it is just an emergency measure, visit doctor if you feel pain repeatedly.