Could Not Believe This! Men And Women Are Completely Different In Their Approach

Men and women are indifferent in terms of cognition, strength, value, etc. But, there are certain little things and important stuff they do, express or they approach themselves in totally different ways. Here is a list encompassed:

Distinctive Gossiping

Both men and women have different gossiping nature. They gossip about one another in different ways. Their arguing behavior is for different reasons. Studies shows that women tend to gossip about emotional things while men argue about status and activities.


There is a huge difference between the tendencies of flirting of both men and women. Based on the reports, women just flirt with an intention of making special bond and relationships. Whereas, when we look at men, they are usually flirting just for the sake of fulfilling their internal desires.


Most guys have a rigor way of doing shopping. They just get in, get out and go to home. They like hassle-free shopping; they do not check price or bargain or shop around. However, Girls shopping is a kind of social and recreational activity filled with applauds.

Different Way Of Getting Undressed

Men tend to put their behind their shoulders, pulling their t-shirt away from their spine using their collar. However, women just pull off their clothes while gripping it by crossing their arms in front and turning them inside out. It is just because women’s clothing is more tight-fitting as compared to men’s clothing which cannot use the male method.

Different Style Of Yawning

It is often seen that men while yawning tend to cover their mouth with their fist, although women keep their open palm on mouth, perhaps, due to give it a more elegant and a ‘feminine’ look.

Way Of Getting Ready

The way of getting dressed and be ready between men and women is varied to a vast extent. This is due to certain social expectations placed on men and women to look and dressed in a particular way. Mostly, men just get up, spray deodorant, do comb, brush their teeth and shave depends on their mood. Whilst, women are considered to do everything that men do, including hair styling, make up and outfit coordination.

Different Approach Of Coping With Different Problems

Men, generally, show sadness with silence or anger, just lying in front of TV and tries to distract himself from the problems by finding out the solution to come out of them whereas women are more likely to express sadness by tears or calling someone close and discussing the issue as it will help her ease the problem. Unluckily, our society’s tendency to teach boys to not cry leads to built of sad emotions and depression.

Peculiar Way Of Sitting

With different style of dressing clothes, there are different in carrying themselves as well as sitting. Women are generally seen sitting cross-legged position, often wrapping their legs around each other because of the risk involved in exposing their undies while wearing short skirts or dresses. This position is taught to them from past. However, men usually prefer to spread themselves out, sitting with their knees far apart, relaxing themselves.

Break Up

Men will go for parting ways altogether in a different way being quite and apologetic while women are more likely to cry, argue and fight about it.