12 Hilarious Images That Will Prove That Karma Is A Real Bitch

You all must be very familiar with the term ‘karma’? Right? Ofcourse, Yes. But, sometimes, you forgot the evil effects of your doing or got insane many times. Karma, definitely, has a way of turning around. Whatever you do, whether good or bad, will come back affecting your life. The deserved fate of karma makes a person to lead a better life. Make your karma always good to reap the best.

It happens many times that moment of karma when is decided to come for you is being captured in the images. Here, are the images with which you can understand better. Go through their captions.

It Is Called Instant Karma Result

This Girl Trying To Kick This Man With A Ball

She Opened Up in Public About Her Husband Karma

Looks Like Karma Retribution! Isn’t It?

He Thinks That He Is Too Smart

Oooouuuuchhhhh! Just Beware Of The Aftermath Of Your Prank Of Kicking The Chair!

Reaction Should Be Appropriate

What A Damn! But I Like It!

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Common Man!

Amazing Shortcut! Right?

The Man Who Foolishly Doing Karate With The Garbage Bin

What Does You Reap What You Sow? Target Was Different, Result Was You.