10 Warning Signs of Anemia Every Woman Should Know About

Are you feeling exhausted or sluggish or struggling hard throughout your day? It can be a disease of anemia you are suffering from. With the signs of being ambiguous and profound of iron-deficiency anemia, it is one of the major  form of anemia.

Iron, being an essential nutrient will lead to lack of red blood cells if are found in low levels. These RBCs carry hemoglobin, an iron-rich protein that carries oxygen from your lungs to the other bodily tissues.


At the very first, fatigue is the major symptom of anemia. If you are suffering from anemia, then might have feeling of sluggishness and bone tired, lack of focus at work, struggling throughout your day. If you are feeling tired 24/7, your quality of life is extremely affected, consult your doctor for sure.


One of the common sign to diagnose anemia is to look at the skin of your lower eyelid. If it light pink or white rather than pinkish color, you are suffering from iron deficiency. Being intensely common, a major part of the world’s population is suffering from anemia. Lack of intake of iron rich food will lead to lack of iron in bone marrow to make hemoglobin in the RBC’s. Your face, hand’s palms and under your nail beds will also look pale.


If you are facing problem in climbing stairs or during exercise or lifting something, you feel like you are not able to catch your breath, this shows you are suffering from lack of iron not getting enough oxygen as needed. Feeling of faint, lightheaded and dizzy are common too.

Strange Cravings

Sounds to be childish. But, yes, if your body is having iron deficiency, you will have strong cravings for paper, clay, dirt and even ice. This condition I referred as ‘pica’.

Cold Hands and Feet

It happens with many people that they are feeling cold in hands and feet always and also in summers. This is another sign of low levels of iron.

Hair Fall

If you see your hair falling in a high amount and your comb clogged with broken hairs, then it is definitely a common symptom of iron deficiency anemia.


Headaches, stress and migraines are commonly seen among people, but if someone is facing it constantly without any break and noting works to alleviate the pain, it means you are a victim of anemia.

Fast or Irregular Heartbeat

Low iron levels will lead to pump your heart faster. And if your heart is pumping faster, then there is increased blood volume due to low hemoglobin which will lead to irregular heartbeats.

Tongue Swelling and Soreness

If you see swelling and soreness in the tongue, then this indicator needs to be consulted with a doctor.


While your heart is running fast, you will definitely feel anxious. But, if you are experiencing anxiety for the first time, it can be a clear sign of anemia.

As prevention is better than cure, consult a doctor, and if you are a victim of anemia consult a doctor and take proper tests with proper prescribed add-on supplements and eating iron-rich food including meat, milk, cheese, dried fruit, beans, green-leafy vegetables, cereals, etc.