5 Signs Of Colon Cancers That You Have Been Ignoring For Years And 5 Things That You Can Do To Preve

Early detection of cancer is necessary for its successful treatment. Among the various types of cancer, colorectal cancer is the most dangerous type of cancer. However, it is not the life-threatening, yet its prevalence is on a rise. In the year 2016 alone, around 140,000 people are diagnosed from these types of cancer, either colon or rectal cancer. This is just because we in our hectic schedule dare to care for ourselves and just overlook the common symptoms. Among these symptoms, the major ones are shared below. Check it out:


This symptom is normally ignored, as in modern society, it is considered as a reason of having lack of sleep. But, with enough sleep and eating a well-balanced diet, you can be fatigued, and then you need to consult a medical professional.

Sudden Weight Loss

When your body experiences a sudden weight loss, it can be a cause of a range of cancers, one of them being colon cancer. It affects the immune system and bowel movement, causing ‘severe unexplained weight loss’.

Irregular Bowel Movements

When we talk about bowel movements, it is a topic of least consideration among the general public of this busy world with time-bound people. The frequency, regularity and appearance of such movements can be a warning sign of various health problems, including the presence of colorectal cancer.


Generally, you overlook the symptoms of colorectal cancer. The major one is abdominal cramps as it can be a symptom of so many other, non-cancerous conditions. But, if you are suffering from long-lasting and intense stomach cramps which is not withering away, it is a major indicator of colorectal cancer which should be consulted with a doctor.

Bloody Stool

This symptom is also generally ignored by people. They generally got alert by seeing blood in their stool, and feel embarrassed or uncomfortable to discuss with their friends, family, or a doctor. Quite often, one may get dark blood in the stool that condition needs to be examined thoroughly. Bloody stool and rectal bleeding are the major symptoms of both colon and rectal cancer.

Measures To Reduce The Risk Of Colorectal Cancer

A variety of measures and changes in your lifestyle can definitely result in lowering the chance of colorectal cancer. These include:

Eat A Well-Balanced Diet

Have a well-balanced diet including vegetables, fruits and whole grains which would definitely lead to lower risk of colon cancer, while diets rich in red and processed meat leads to higher risk of colon cancer.

Daily Exercise

Being physically inactive has an inter-connection with increased risk of developing colon, while increasing activity reduces your risk.

Avoid Being Overweight

Overweight/obese is the major factor of colorectal cancer. Apart from that, it also increases the risk of dying from it because being overweight weakens your body, making it less effective to fight against cancers.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Drinking to a large extent has been linked to the development of colon cancer.

Quit Smoking

Smoking has a close connection with a higher risk of developing a variety of cancers, one of them being colon.