9 Things That Show You Life Before And After You Turn 30

Life is a process which keeps evolving each and every day. As we grow from childhood to teenage and then to our twenty, there are many changes as one comes out of the comfort zone and steps into real world. And then from 20s when person moves to his or her 30s, there are many changes again.

We all know in 20s, life brings in a lot of opportunities for everyone in terms of career and relationship and a person can go easy on food habits too while they are in 20s. However in 30s a person has to take life more seriously. Here are some illustrations that show how your life will change once say bye to your 20s :


Before 30s, you can spend your evening out and you can spend hours in front of mirror to look your best. After 30s, you become more focused in life and your evenings are generally spent at home, you look in mirror only for basic things like brushing your teeth.


In your 20s when you text your husband its about love and spending time together, however in 30s when you text him you only talk of day to day things and love is no longer a priority.

Late Night Means

in your 20s late night means anytime beyond 2 am or 3 am, however in 30s, anytime beyond 11 pm is late already.


In 20s you are energetic and metabolism speed is high, hence you can eat anything and you don’t have worry about your weight. However as you go in 30s, your metabolism slows down and you tend gain weight.


In your 20s you go in public places without getting worried how others see it while you are with your lover and 30s you tend get more conservative.


In 20s opinion of others matter a lot to you however in 30s you are mature enough to handle the opinions and remarks of others.

Attitude Towards Ageing

In 20s you always feel you want to stay forever young and in 30s with mature sense of mind, you take life as it comes and enjoy the ageing process.


In 20s your list of friends is long and by 30s you are aware of friends and limited 1 or 2 only.


Travelling in 20s is fun and you hang out with friends and you don’t mind sharing rooms with friends. In 30s you prefer to stay in your independent room.