7 Exercises You Might Be Doing Wrong, You Need To Correct Them

Undoubtedly exercising is a good practice but doing it in wrong was can be harmful  for body. You might be a regular gym person and known by your regularity, reps and sets you do but if your exercise is not giving you fruitful results then it is the right time to think and discover what is wrong.  You are lucky if you have a personal trainer but there are many people who don't like to take anybody's aid and do exercise by their own.  But they are not aware of correct way to do exercise and end up by wasting their time. So here in this post we have gathered some exercise and the right way to do, so that you can get benefit out of that! So, scroll down to learn what is the best way to perform these exercises.


It is the most common exercise but surprisingly many people are doing it in wrong way. . Wrong way- Placing your hands under head will strain the neck and won't help to tone the tummy Right- Correct way to do this is placing hands on the chest so it will not strain your neck and you can easily lift body.

Bench Dips

Wrong- Holding the bench from the edge and lifting the body weight. Right- The best way to do it stand in a position with equal feet gap, hold a weight on the back of your neck and make sure your hands touches your ears to have firm support.

Adductor and Abductor Machines

Wrong - The position of the machine is wrong as when you add weight you strain your muscle. Right- Try the natural way, you can also try clockwise lunges as it will hep to tone your thighs.

Weighted Side Bend

Wrong- If you are putting weight on one side, indirectly you are leaving your mid section thicker and you are putting strain on spine. Right- It is easy as it will not strain your spine and you will loose weight evenly from arms and chest.

Leg Extension

Wrong- Exercising through this machine can strain your legs and put weight on your joints ankles and knees, which might hamper you in old age. Right- Squat is the better option as it is natural and will shed your weight without straining your knees and ankles.

Leg Hover

Wrong- You Can also try it now, if you will keep your leg like this you will get strain on your back which is not good for your body. Right- It is good for your body as if you will touch your feet in 90 degree angle, it won't harm your back and help you to shed tummy fat.

Shoulder Press Machine

Wrong- Machine use will surely limited your motion Right- Here you have the flexibility to move your hands in angle you are comfortable.

So It is The Right Time To Know How to Exercise Perfectly To Get Best Results