8 Functions You Probably Didn't Know About Your iPhone Headset, #7 Is Amazing

If you have headphones in you ears all the time, do not be surprised if you still do not know many facts about it. Well, it might be doing its best to destroy your hearing (err, it is true), but there are other things it could do as well which you probably are unaware about. Read here to know about them.

You can triple click the center button and then hold it to rewind a song.

You can also juggle multiple calls on it.

You can hang up a call if you press the center button on it once.

When the camera app is open, you can hit one of the volume buttons amd click a photo.

If you press and hold the center button for two seconds, Siri can get activated.

When you hold the center button for about two seconds, a second call can be ignored while you are on

When you click the center button three times, you can start a song over and even go back to the prev

If you double tap the center button, you can skip to the next song.