6 Reasons It's Time For Girls To Bid Farewell To Underwears.

Doing laundry is tiring, especially when it comes to our underwears we have to make sure that they are properly cleaned and dry. Many a times we end up washing them daily because the others have torn up or gone immensely unusable. We have to buy them fresh every six months and decide which one to wear each day! Did you know that not wearing underwears or going commando, was in fact good for the area down there? Scientists have also proved that avoiding to wear them can prove good for you, so why not? After all, it feels super comfortable and we do not have to deal with the tight waist belt. Read here to know why exactly it could be beneficial for you not to wear them.

Air Flow

Not wearing them leads to good amount of air flow to the private parts.

Locking moisture.

It will not lock moisture of the bottom area and thus, will not lead to any infections.

Save money.

They might be little in size, especially if you wear the "small" size, but they do cost a lot.

Fashion savior.

It will not ruin your fashion, by being visible from the back when you wear tight or transparent clothes, neither the color nor the lines. What a relief!

Pants fit better.

As there is no extra clothing inside to make your jeans more tight than they already are.

You feel S*xy.

You are going to feel se*y and confident. It will be easy for you to be turned on and your man is going to like it.