Shocking! Pregnant Woman Posted Picture On Facebook With Syringes And Spoon In The Background.

Mothers are known for their love and kindness. They can sacrifice all the pleasures of the world for their child. As soon as woman gets to know that she is pregnant, she starts taking care of her unborn child. She will give up smoking, drinking and eating unhealthy foods although she might loves doing all this. What about other kinds of addiction? Those that do not go away easily… Read to know more.

Mother Posted A Picture On Face Book Showing Her Baby Bump In North Carolina

A pregnant mother posted a picture on Face book showing her baby bump in North Carolina. The woman’s name is Natosha Kirkland and she is from Cherokee. She made this her profile photo on February 16. Initially she got comments like “$exy”, “love it”, “you are the best”. Soon people started something very odd about the picture. In the background on this seemingly innocent photo lay a stool and on top of a syringe and a spoon was kept. One commenter wrote started writing “omg,stf” after people caught on to the reality.

The Photo Also Shows The Mom-To-Be With A Tie –Off On Her Arm.

According to reports Natosha was arrested on February 19 on the charges of credit card fraud, driving with a revoked license, and felony obtaining property under false pretenses. She is also charged with larceny of firearm.

What is scary and shocking about this incident is that Natasha has not been charged for dr*gs or child endangerment or misdemeanor.

Natosha’s Mug Shot Picture!

In A Previous Baby Bump Facebook Photo, Natosha Wrote This…

“Not feeling to pretty today and I look so bad but just wanted to post a pic of myself so I can show the world my little baby bump cause from the way ppl talk u have to post pics or ur faking about being pregnant. . So here u go Facebook world how does my fake baby bump look lmao …. anyways I do have to say I’m one blessed lady to have such a blessing growing inside me”.

Seems like people did not believe she is Pregnant. I can’t believe how scary this world has become for unborn children.